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Filem : Polis Evo

I know its been a month or should i say 6 weeks this movie has been released dan mendapat kutipan tertinggi setakat ini, RM 16j. I am totally impressed with what the director, Ghaz Abu Bakar, the main cast, Zizan Razak & Shaheizy Sam, the production crew ; did in this movie. Apahal aku tetiba taip omputih nih?? heheheeee. Masa aku update ni pun, movie tu masih lagi ditayangkan. 

Kisah Polis Evo bermula apabila seorang Inspektor narkotik terbaik di Kuala Lumpur iaitu Inspektor Khai (Shaheizy Sam) ditugaskan untuk menyiasat dan menyelesaikan kes Syabu Naga yang melibatkan operasi pengedaran dadah di Terengganu. Meskipun kes ini mempunyai kaitan dengan kes yang dikendalikan oleh Inspektor Khai sebelum ini, namun dia harus bekerjasama dengan Inspektor Sani (Zizan Razak) yang bertugas di Terengganu. Ini kerana Inspektor Sani lebih arif dengan selok-belok negeri kelahirannya itu. Walau bagaimanapun, mereka berdua mempunyai personaliti berbeza. Inspektor Khai seorang yang tegas …

Halyang Dream (english translation)

Source : All About Kang Gary blog Album: 2002
Released date: September 21st, 2015 Featuring: John Park ( 존박 )

Now I'm used to throwing things away, but I'm eager to have everything even more
As I'm growing old I become more impatient
I want to draw the line of success in my palm longer
My life now is the future I drew up from long time ago
In my big and high house that seizes sunset in the sky
I open the window every morning and Han river view strikes my eyes
Once again to make my dream bigger and wilder
For the workroom where I can turn music on all day long and the wallet that never let me hungry
I'm busy all the time, one month going on business trips abroad for 2,3 weeks
Even I'm tired I never forget the packed audiences waiting
Whatever happens I always live with my all
Doing the freestyle rap I was never good at
I started my music with people who had the same dream
By the literature I learned from life experience instead of reading books, I built up my own cu…

Kaleidoscope/Goodbye - LeeSsang (feat. Mi-Woo) English Translation

Born stubbon and quiet Never been better than half of the school Everyone around me was always worried 'How the heck are you going to survive this harsh world?' Everyone nagged me The man behind school fights Memories of my fist that I can't forget And my first kiss on a rainy night in middle school It was beautiful, that unexplainable something It was a youthful June But whenever I think of my first love, I end up drinking a glass The first time I experienced the pain of a broken heart Sometimes, I remember it like it just happened last night I miss it so much
To that past I lived, goodbye The love I long for, goodbye Will we meet again someday in a different world?
I lived a crazy life That I lost my love and my dreams one by one I replaced it with the thing I can possess
All the realizations when I turned 20 I hated everyone who judged me, they are but empty shells Half of them were all con-artists Treating helpless people like they’re garbage Had it been me, just thinking about it, it would’ve…