Lunar Halo, 09.10.2011

Iza ask me, " T, did you see the moon last night?"  "No, why?"  "It's beautiful.". When I read the newspapers, then I know what is meant by Iza.

The phenomenon called as Lunar Halo. These are the news about it;


Monday, October 10, 2011
All abuzz over lunar halo

PETALING JAYA: An unusual phenomenon where a halo of light appeared around the moon got social network users abuzz with excitement.

Known as lunar halo, it appeared at around 11pm yesterday and was visible in the Malaysian sky.

The image went viral after a Kuala Lumpur-based fanpage shared an image of the big ring of light around the moon. As of 1am, the image had been shared over 400 times on Facebook.

“Whats wrong with tonight's moon!? Hey guys, look!! The ring around the moon is not an after effect from photo taking, ITS REAL!” posted Lee Ging Siang on his Facebook page.

There were many other similar postings on the social networking site,
Over in Twitter, curious folk asked for answers about the phenomenon.

“Check out the moon right now! Such an interesting phenomena! Anyone knows what it is? #fb,” tweeted television personality Xandria Ooi.
Another twitter user @HanisFiruz tweeted: “It's called the lunar halo. And the number of stars in the ring indicates the number of days before bad weather. #factsaboutthemoon.”
Those that missed the sighting bemoaned the missed opportunity.

“Aihhhh! The minute I went out to see the moon apparently the lunar halo had ended,” said Fong Wenkai on his twitter @wenkaifong at 12.08am.

According to HyperPhysics, an educational site hosted by Georgia State University, lunar halo which is also known as 22 Halos occurs when light passes through ice crystals in the air, creating a circle of light around the moon.

**image from The Star Online.


Masya Allah... 



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