LOGOS HOPE....bringing knowledge, help and hope

It seems like my post about Logos Hope in top ranking.. Here some info about Logos Hope..

The Logos Hope Community

With around 45 different nationalities represented on board, the Logos Hope community is regarded as a genuine expression of international goodwill and understanding. The crew and staff are all non-salaried volunteers—including many serving in their professional capacity, such as seafarers, engineers, electricians, nurses, teachers and cooks. Sponsorship from friends, family members and civic organisations enables crewmembers to serve on board.
The age of volunteers ranges from retirees to children of families serving on board. Most of the crewmembers are in their 20s or 30s. From the captain to the newest staff member, each person has a job that is essential to keeping the ship running. Most people serve for two years.
Although the main aim of the ship is to serve people in the port communities, those on board also benefit personally during their term of service. A structured training programme, combined with work experience and cross-cultural encounters, provides crewmembers with valuable opportunities to learn new skills and develop character.

Bringing hope

The crew and staff come from many different nations and cultures. Despite their differences, they seek to understand and respect one another, and work together to serve the people in ports the ship visits. As people meet and interact with those on board, they are inspired and given hope for restoration of relationships in their families and communities.
We believe that each person is gifted with many talents and abilities. Through work and onboard training programmes, our ship offers an ideal environment for crewmembers to sharpen skills, develop character, and discover and cultivate specific interests.

For more info, visit www.logoshope.org/malaysia.  Let us together support their noble efforts in bringing smile to the others & whole world.



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